Established in 2016, Rewananada is a growing Yogic Welfare Society Trust and an NGO in Maheshwar, focusing on youth education, conserving nature and community support.

Our motivation is to uplift humanity and protect nature.



Through the established Art School in Maheshwar, Rewananda offers yoga and meditation classes and organises workshops related to art, craft, Indian classical dance and music to children and young people who are economically deprived. The aim of the School is to provide free access to spiritual arts education, the concept often absent in the traditional public-school system.

In Rewananada, we are deeply committed to reducing our footprint on the environment and are dedicated to preserve the nature around us. Be it regular seasonal tree plantations, water preservation initiatives, a ‘Plastic-free Maheshwar’ scheme or various educational talks concerning the environmental awareness.

Through the network of like-minded people, with the sense of belonging and working towards one bigger goal, we frequently initiate community events. These include food distribution, yoga workshops or the opening of our first Charity shop in Maheshwar. We also run various events throughout the year for our elderly fellow citizens. 



Our school runs primarily from the support of the kindhearted sponsors and their donations. If you would like to also support our activities, or get more information about what we do, do not hesitate to contact us via the link below.

Rewananda is a registered NGO with the registration number: 03/30/06/18760/16.




When you ask people here in Maheshwar how they are feeling, they often reply 'Ananda' which means - I am in bliss. The possibility here is to open to our true nature: 'Sat cid Ananda' which translated means - true consciousness is bliss

Bliss is available here and through meditation in various forms we are able to tune into our hearts and bodies and align with the sacred vibe pulsing here in Maheshwar. Rewananda also offers yoga and meditation classes, through its organically emerged branch Swatantra Yoga. For more information visit swatantrayoga.net

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We are a Yogic enterprise, an NGO aspiring to be sustainable through enriching and empowering ourselves and locals with Spiritual, Artistic and Holistic healthy community initiatives. Rewananda is open and active throughout the whole year. We organise various activities with children from the Arts School, environmental causes and community initiatives. Our latest activities and plans can be found here in the ‘What’s New’ section.

Charity shop bazaar Rewananda

A first charity bazaar shop was open in Maheshwar by Rewananda Yog and Welfare Society in October 2019. This was a lovely occasion, bringing a new concept in the town. The principle is: “bring what you no longer need, take what is useful for you”. In India people clean their houses and usually dispose of unwanted clothes, decorative pieces, appliances and other items, especially before and during the festive seasons. Often people just toss out their unwanted goods to the bins as there are no other places for such items. Rewananda charity shop is a place where people can drop what they no longer need and make it available for those in need.

Single use plastic – free Maheshwar

Members of Rewananda Yog and Welfare Society organised environmental awareness rally for polythene free Maheshwar. On the day, Rewananda distributed 500 slogan leaflets educating on the harmful effects of plastic in nature. Over 5000 cotton bags were given to local shopkeepers, vegetable and fruit sellers to be used instead of the usual single use plastic bags.

International Yoga Day and Rewananda

On the occasion of the 5th International Yoga Day, Yogi Kapil Shri, from Rewananda NGO based in Maheshwar, brought this ancient practice into the town´s Retirement house. Together with the elderly residents, Kapil Shri spent the morning teaching about yoga, its benefits on health, mind and spirit and practiced basic but effective asanas and pranayama.  Yoga knows no limits and is for everyone. We all should learn basics of yoga and experience its life-long health benefits, despite the age or circumstances.

Regular tree plantation at Rewananada

At Rewananda the tree planting became a regular yearly event during which we try to plant as many trees as possible, either in the form of seedlings or seed balls. In August 2019 we planted over a thousand threes and five thousand seed balls. This season we focused on the dry bushy area with very little life near Maheshwar. With the help of Rewananda Yog Welfare Society members, as well as Swatantra Yoga members, we also planted trees in the local police station and in the hospital area.

New School Term at Rewananda 

On the 16th of March, our NGO Rewananda Yoga and Welfare Society kicked-off the new term of Rewananada free Art School for the local children of Maheshwar. Participating girls started to learn all about Macramé. Macramé is an art of knotting strings in patterns to make decorative craft.

In Rewananda we believe that teaching self-sustainable skills creates a foundation for a better future of these children and their children, too. In the poor communities around India, it is not rare to see girls being married off at a very young age. As married women they don’t get an opportunity to develop much creative and art skills apart from those useful as the daily house-wife tasks. One of Rewananda’s aims is to bring free art classes to as many children within the community.



Rewa Ananda school is a free Arts school. We have a team of teachers who hold classes in Classical Indian Music and Dance, Art and Craft, English and Yoga.
The classes are attended in main by girls who come from economically deprived backgrounds. The ethos for the school is to provide a community base for the Arts where all are welcome to experience and learn together irrespective of caste, sex or economic circumstances. It is through the arts that we enrich and empower members of the community who would not normally have access to this possibility. We provide a safe earth based space on the banks of the River where we are recreating a place for Sacred Arts.

Not all children in India have the same access and possibilities when it comes to education. Maheshwar, as many other towns in India, also witnesses these financially hassled families, struggling to send their children for higher (and often even basic) education. Children restrain from pursuing education, staying home, working on fields and getting married at an early age to continue the tradition of leading a simple life (with very little money), taking care of a multiple generation family.

The truth is that every journey begins where we are. It cannot begin where we are not. We might not bring a 180 degree twist in all children’s lives, improve all their surroundings or take them away from their financially struggling, but loving, families. However, what we certainly can do, and have already been doing, is to enrich these children’s lives through creativity (music, dance, arts) and spiritual awareness (traditional yoga and meditation). Creativity opens up the door to possibilities, brings more colours to our daily activities, teaches us to be the creators, instead of followers and inspires us to explore what more is there in life.

Rewananda was established in 2016 by Sangita Lakhanpal, a yoga teacher and a spiritual artist and Kapil Shri, a karma yogi and a meditation teacher.  (Learn more about Sangita and Kapil).



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"Sangita, Kapil and Maheshwar are all beautiful beings offering love." Rachel Smart




Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Artist

Since 2000 after completing her training in Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Sangita has been dedicated to living and sharing Yoga. She started teaching in London where she held Yoga in Prisons, Drug rehabilitation Programs, Forensic Hospitals and schools. In 2010 she left London to become a Pilgrim on the River Narmada where she felt a calling to immerse fully and reconnect to the roots of Yoga and Tantra. Her experience returned her to Britain to live a more earth based spiritual life in which to further deepen her experience of the confluence of Shamanism and Yoga within sustainnable community. She founded Rewa-Ananda in 2016 as a way to create a new paradigm of an enterprise which serves the whole. She now holds transformational space for women and men who choose to expand their inner potential and to reconnect with the joy of pure being. Yoga, Dance sacred Song, and Sacred sites are the vehicles with which she uses to guide groups into embodied states of self realisation. Sangita now lives and teaches in Maheshwar and the UK.



Karma Yogi and Meditation Teacher

Kapil Shri is a yogi – a man whose passion spills into everything he encounters. With a keen mind and balanced by a heart that knows no boundary, his presence creates an extraordinary opportunity to break through limitations into one’s natural state of freedom, love and joy. Kapil has a unique ability to make the ancient yogic sciences relevant to contemporary minds and acts as a bridge to the deeper dimensions of life. From an early age Kapil has always been interested in spirituality, blame the holy vibes of Maheshwar. He started a project for preserving the environment at the age of seven and since then he has planted over 2000 trees in his hometown. Kapil has also initiated a river cleaning project and various environmental awareness schemes, he works with the local community to protect the Narmada River from pollution as well as preservation of temples. Kapil is also a co-founder of Rewananda free Arts school.  

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